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You know what it takes to run a successful business. There are people to manage, quotes to get out and projects to complete. The sun often sets with a to-do list that is incomplete! It’s the marketing that gets left for the next day, or week or year. You realize that pushing off marketing the great things you offer will mean less growth in the future, but it seems you have no choice. At E-Impact Marketing, we help carry the load by managing your online marketing so you can focus on what you do best. And we do that while seeking to bring God’s Kingdom a bit closer.

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We love helping Small Businesses Create a Vibrant Online Presence

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How Does it Work?

Shed Marketing and Much More

Chris Stoltzfus, the owner of E-Impact Marketing spent two and half decades working in a family business, Sheds Unlimited. It was there that he developed a robust marketing platform which propelled the growth of the company even during the worst years of the recession. In 2015 E-Impact Marketing was founded on the years of experience he acquired in those years.

Today, clients in PA, CO, KY, MO, VA, KS, IA, TX, and WI look to our team to help them succeed online. Our marketing plans have contributed to tens of millions in sales and tens of thousands of customer leads among our growing list of clients. Since 2015, our client portfolio has come to include kitchen cabinet builders, a pellet heating company, e-commerce sites selling crafts, fabric and American Doll supplies, a K-Cup co-packaging company, landscaping and hardscaping companies as well as a growing list of shed builders.

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The E-Impact Marketing Plan

At E-Impact Marketing, we do more than built websites. We begin with a brainstorming session to understand your business and potential clients. Then we ENVISION the possibilities by designing a SUCCESS PLAN that will generate leads and grow your business. We know that marketing to grow your business takes much more than a website.
Most web designers might work with several similar clients in the same field which means that when they work for your competition, they hurt you. When an E-Impact Client is on our monthly SUCCESS PLAN we commit to not working against you by taking on a competitor.
Getting to the top of search engines does not happen through magic. In our SUCCESS PLAN you will have a dedicated team to ENVISION the possibilities, IMPLEMENT solutions and GROW your business. We get to know and market your product or service so you can have the joy of running the business.
Our SUCCESS PLAN saves 25% from our Basic Plans and 50 to 70% when compared with most other web builders. When you sign up for our monthly SUCCESS PLAN you not only get a dedicated team and a commitment to not working with your competitors, you get better prices and more value!
In business, it is one thing to get a lead and another to make a sale. With our EZ SUCCESS PLAN, your Dedicated Team will work with your business to nurture leads and ultimately bring in sales. We offer lead management solutions and marketing automation that works while you sleep.
E-Impact Marketing was founded on a desire impact business but also to change lives. We do that by hiring refugees from around the world and providing them jobs in business and marketing so they can support their families and reduce dependence on the government. We believe that the Kingdom of Heaven should be visible in our business model.

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Our Clients Speak…

Incredible Customer Interaction

One of the most challenging things we found for us before we launched our website was to have our name consistently “out there” in the public. Since we launched our website, we have seen incredible customer interaction that was seeded through the internet.

JZ Utility Barns

We Can Hardly Keep Up!

We can hardly keep up with customers. That’s a good problem to have, the website has been unbelievable, I’m trying to keep up with emails but they are coming in fast.

Northwood Outdoor

E-Impact Did It Right!

After struggling 2 years to attract online leads from our website we turned to E-Impact for help. With their expertise, our inquiries went from nonexistence to a steady stream of good leads! Chris & Kenneth have been great to work with. They have been on time & within budget for the services they have been providing us.


Our website Has Never Looked So Good

This company has outstanding service and everyone we have worked with has been very professional and knowledgeable. Our website has never looked so good and we are seeing the results in our sales.

Northwood Outdoor

Business ethics first won my trust, and their results has built upon it

E-Impact Marketing LLC has been a valuable part of the online marketing plan for Willow Gates Landscaping. With their help, our website went from being a “beautiful business card” that attracted few leads, to generating quality leads that result in profitable projects. E-Impact has also been helpful in doing videos and photo shoots to help boost our online presence. Their business ethics first won my trust, and their results has built upon it!

Willow Gates Landscaping

Keep it Up!

Thanks Chris and Mustafa for the good job on the website. It really is working well. Keep it up! I love working with you all.

Kingdom BioFuel

Working with E-Impact Marketing is a True Pleasure

Working with E-Impact Marketing is a true pleasure. Chris and Mustafa are extremely knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous. E-Impact Marketing’s unique expertise in both marketing and web development has allowed Sheds Unlimited to be able to succeed in the shed and garage industry, with the knowledge that behind the scenes, E-Impact marketing is supporting us with a full package approach. E-Impact Marketing’s fresh insights and ideas are cutting edge which enables Sheds Unlimited to stay ahead… Read more “Working with E-Impact Marketing is a True Pleasure”

Sheds Unlimited