Our Marketing Team

The world is a mess. Some people have more money and stuff than they will need in a lifetime, others struggle to make ends meet and have no means to change that. We aim to provide marketing plans that work for the little guy (until he becomes a bigger guy) and at the same time create a more equitable business where employees experience more of the rewards of success. Meet our team and learn more of their stories.

Employment Application

Chris Stoltzfus

President / Growth Partner

Chris spent the past two decades of his life deeply involved in a family owned storage shed business (Sheds Unlimited) where he developed a robust marketing program centered around internet sales. The skills Chris learned about what makes a website work is the basis from which E-Impact Marketing was launched.

Languages: English, Pennsylvania Dutch, Arabic

Eric Wenger

Vice President | Website Development

Eric has had design and marketing in his blood since he was a youngster. He did his first design project at age 15 and then went on to work for Rosewood Marketing. From there he joined Schweb Design before joining our company in 2016. When not designing a website, he is at home with his family of seven children.

Languages: English, html, css, javascript 🙂

Chad Popham

Growth Partner

In 2015, Chad started building websites for small businesses in Houston, TX. He and his wife moved to Lancaster, PA after which he joined the team in 2019. He considers a client centered approach the best approach. Marketing efforts should be tailored to where a client is in their industry and scaled as they grow.

Languages: English, Sign Languag

Onur Aydin

Growth Partner

Onur joined E-Impact Marketing in 2020 after being in the United States for around 5 years. Prior to joining us he was in the painting trade but has been very excited to return to the kind of work he did in Turkey. As a young man, Onur worked in marketing and SEO in his home country giving him a head start when he joined us.

Languages: English, Turkish

Rebekah Shenk

Content Writer

Rebekah joined our team part time as a content writer in 2019. She specializes in writing blog post, content pages, and more. Rebekah and her husband live in Philadelphia, PA with their small family. Outside of work Rebekah enjoys being a mom, and spending time with those around here.

Languages: English

Mirnes Dedic

Growth Partner / Copywriter

Mirnes joined E-Impact at the end of 2019 after a few years of working in system management with Apple Care. He really enjoys the sport of basketball and loves sharing about his homeland of Bosnia. Mirnes began quickly learning the ropes of marketing and challenges himself everyday to better serve his clients.

Languages: English, Bosnian

Andrew Hahn

Visuals: Video, Photo, and Graphics

Andrew started full-time at E-Impact after finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media. Before coming to E-Impact, Andrew also worked part-time at Conestoga Wood Specialties in marketing and product development. Outside of work, you might find him enjoying a coffee drink or enjoying quality time with family and friends.

Languages: English

Abby Stoltzfus

Office Secretary

Abby joined our team part time as our secretary soon after graduating from high school in May 2020. Abby does many things for E-Impact, secretary work, keeping the office clean, running the E-Impact Coffee Shop, and also does some marketing. Outside of work at E-Impact, Abby enjoys spending time with friends, playing volleyball, and making and drinking coffee drinks.

Languages: English

Matthew Jahani

Growth Partner

Matthew joined our team soon after arriving from the country of Turkey. His background in Iran was in a family business where he managed the team and helped manage his brother’s businesses since he was a kid. He has settled in Lancaster County and is finding his place in the community and in the company.

Languages: English, Persian, Turkish, Azerbaijani

Kris Bucher

Growth Partner

Kris joined our team in early 2021. Before working for us, he was the General Manager for Harvest Lane Farm Market in Lititz, PA. Outside of work, Kris enjoys traveling, camping, spending time with his family, and small-scale gardening. Kris is passionate about helping small businesses thrive and taking his digital marketing skills to the next level.

Languages: English, Albanian

Alican Temur

Growth Partner

Prior to E-Impact, Alican was involved in the family business but wanted to pursue a career in marketing. Alican brings innovation, and professionalism to his work with his clients. He has taken up specializing in YouTube and social media marketing for his team. He enjoys playing soccer, the gym, and spending time with his family and friends.

Languages: English, Turkish

Brandon Lincoln

Growth Partner

Brandon is passionate about leadership and making a difference in the lives of those he is around. Before working here at E-Impact, Brandon was a Student, Young Adult, and Family Pastor at LCBC Church in Lancaster. Outside of work, Brandon enjoys lifting weights, Disc Golf, Hiking, and Reading. Brandon is excited about using his communication skills to help his clients grow.

Languages: English

Matt Esh

Growth Partner

Matt joined our team in August of 2020. Before working at E-Impact, Matt worked for Marv’s Plumbing and Heating. A few things Matt enjoys doing outside of working at E-Impact are, anything electronic, hunting, softball, and exploring new cities with his wife.

Languages: English

Sherzod Ayubov

Growth Partner

Sherzod is ready to help his clients grow. Sherzod worked as an inventory clerk at PaulB Hardware before joining our team. He enjoys learning new things related to finances, spending time with his family, and playing soccer. One of Sherzod’s hopes while at E-Impact is to gain valuable insight and experience that will help him in the future and improve his skills, knowledge, and experience in the marketing field.

Languages: English, Tajik, Russian, Uzbek

Nate Thorne

Growth Partner in Training

Nate joined the E-Impact team in August 2021. Prior to joining our team, Nate worked as a district supervisor for a Corporate Security company based in Middletown PA. Nate really enjoys the culture that E-Impact offers. He has learned to enjoy data analytics and content writing for his team and clients. Outside of work, Nate enjoys being with his family, running, cycling, playing basketball, and is always down for a good debate. We are excited to add Nate to the growing E-Impact Marketing team!

Languages: English

Dan Salinger

Growth Partner in Training

Dan was previously employed in emergency medicine at Penn State Health Hershey Medical Center before joining the E-Impact Marketing team in 2021. Dan is passionate about learning as much as he can about marketing so he can help his client succeed in business. Something that Dan has learned to enjoy about working here is the importance of true team unity, which is something that we value. Outside of work, Dan enjoys being with friends and family, listening to podcast, and learning new things. We are excited to have Dan join our team!

Languages: English

Joel Steele

Growth Partner in Training

Joel is an energetic growth partner in training. Before joining E-Impact, Joel worked for LCBC Church as a student minister at the Berks campus. One of the things he has learn to really enjoy about working here at E-Impact is the culture; we can work hard, but also enjoy the life we are able to have here. A goal Joel has from his time here is to become a better communicator when he writes, to help his clients tell their stories and what they have to offer. Outside of  work somethings that Joel enjoys playing games, sports, reading, and cooking. We are excited to have Joel join our growing team!

Languages: English, Some Spanish

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James Charles

Growth Partner

James joined our team in 2019 after training himself in the basics of web design and marketing. He loves analytics, SEO and is very skilled at implementing successful marketing strategies for the clients he works with month-to-month. James and his wife Kara moved to New York in November to be a part of our growing office in New York.

Languages: English, some Spanish

Josh Blank

Growth Partner

Josh joined our team as a college intern. He is now working part-time during the school year and full-time on his breaks. Josh enjoys playing guitar, reading, and writing. Josh is excited about finding an area of work here at E-Impact to improve and become an expert in that area. Josh really enjoys the friendly, community-oriented nature of the E-Impact workspace.

Languages: English

Josiah Stoltzfus

Growth Partner

Josiah is an energetic Growth Partner who loves the game of basketball. Josiah joined our team in the summer of 2020 between his junior and senior year of high school working part time. After finishing school, Josiah started working full time and is now part of our New York team. We are thrilled to have Josiah part of the growing E-Impact Team in New York.

Languages: English, Turkish

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