From a 60 sq ft Shed to an Office Building

It’s hard to believe that in four short years, E-Impact Marketing went from a small office in a Lancaster City backyard, to a three-story office building with office spaces for collaboration, ideation, rejuvenation and much more! It all began in a 60 square ft shed in the backyard of a row house in Lancaster City. As our client list grew, we moved to a 400 sq ft garage with a small conference room and in 2019 our own building at 42 S. Prince Street. Read the story to learn more!

April 2015: Tiny Backyard Office

From January to April, we worked in the house basement and at cafes here and there. Finally, in April we had a backyard office of our own.

Our First Office Space

It seems appropriate for E-Impact Marketing to have officially launched from a small backyard office shed as around 50% of E-Impact clients are in the storage shed industry. The first building was built and designed by our President, Chris Stoltzfus, and had around 60 square feet of interior space. Not only did this office provide space for two people (and later 3 people) to work, but it also served as Chris’ backyard tool shed as shown in the photos below!

This tiny marketing office had a coffee bar, shelves for mugs a white board and space to store camera equipment! This office space served our clients for around one year.

April 2016: Move to Garage Office

Late in 2015, we realized something needed to change. Our tiny office had 3 people working in it and the client list was growing. God provided a new home of for Chris and his family which had a garage.

400 sq ft Garage Office

The move to Union Street was exciting. We were a team of three and our client list was growing! Now we had space for real desks and room to grow. Lancaster City was amazing in giving us permission to have six team members in our small space. Little did we know how soon the small office would be full!

Growth came quickly and we were soon booked out nearly a year. As more clients wanted to join the Success Plan, we continued searching for and hiring team members to help our clients succeed online. By 2018 our space was nearing capacity and by 2019 we had six and on some days seven team members working in a confined space! It was time for something new…

May 2019: Two Floors and Counting

At the end of 2018 our client list had grown to nearly 50. Many new clients had to wait months and even up to a year for a new website launch. Our team was growing and filling our small space. One day, we came across a large office space nearby and the negotiation was on.

2019: New Marketing Office

When the time came to think about another move, we began looking to rent an office space around Lancaster City. Little did we know that a lovely office building would fall into our laps within a 10-minute walk of our garage office.

In January of 2019 we purchased a 3,000 square foot office space at 42 S Prince Street, Lancaster, PA 17603 and soon began renovations. Again, the City of Lancaster was amazing as we worked through the details.

At the beginning of May, we were moved in and began enjoying our new marketing office space!

A New York City Marketing Office

After renting an office space in 2019, the team moved to a larger space in 2020. The team in NYC continues to grow and develop and will soon move into an even larger office space.

2019: NYC Office Opens

Kenneth moved to Brookly NY in 2018 with the intention of opening an office for E-Impact Marketing there. At first, he worked from his home and then rented an office space in February of 2019.

Since that time, Kenneth has worked alongside others trying to find the right fit for a team member. During the summer of 2019 Josh joined as an intern and recently Josiah has been learning ropes of digital marketing alongside Kenneth.

Our History and Vision

E-Impact Marketing was launched in 2015 with the aim of providing quality marketing plans that impact people. Inspired by Jesus when he taught us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” we set out to explore what that means in business (we’re still exploring).

Some of what we’ve come to believe in is marketing that works for the little guy, fair prices, fair wages (not get rich wages) and fair profit sharing. Everyone (clients and employees) should benefit freely from a company that succeeds.

Our goal (not that we always reach it) is to make Internet marketing work for you while you are busy with the nuts and bolts (or 2×4’s and nails) of the business! If you are like many builders and designers, you work so hard at managing your business that marketing doesn’t get the attention it needs!

E-Impact Marketing of Lancaster, PA offers a unique approach to web design for your business. First, we focus on a few clients and seek to offer them a marketing plan that works. Rather than building dozens of websites per Growth Partner, we aim to serve 3 to 5 clients per team of two employees.

Secondly, we major on Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the engine that makes a website work so we take that very seriously. The entire site is built around getting noticed in the search engine. And thirdly, E-Impact strives to see lives impacted at the same time your business is impacted.