Marketing Plan for Noltpak A Co-packing Company

Not every day do we have a success story like Noltpak. Gary Nolt came to us for help with marketing his K-Cup Co-Packing services located Quarryville, PA. His business was doing well, but he wanted to push further into the online market to grow his list of leads. Little did we know how much difference a small investment would bring back!

First Steps to Marketing a K-cup Co-Packing Company

Thankfully, God sent E-Impact Marketing a coffee guru who loves to roast his own coffee and even comes to work with fancy names for the coffee he roasted the night before! Kenneth teamed up with Gary and visited his co-packing facility in Quarryville. In case you don’t know what a co-packer is, let me explain what Gary does.

Gary works with coffee roasters across the nation to package their coffee in K-Cups. He will work with a company to produce specialized labels for the k-cups and package them in boxes with the coffee roasters name.

An SEO Review of the Website

Many times when we take over a clients website that has been built by another web design firm, our first step is a thorough SEO review of the website. It’s hard to believe how many web designers and marketing companies miss so much that could bring Search Engine Optimization value to their clients (we don’t get it all right either, in fact, it seems our own website is the one that suffers most because we’re so busy serving our clients :).

Photoshop Work to Show K-Cups

Another simple thing that Kenneth implemented was photos with K-Cups on the front page. When the website came to us it had photos of coffee beans on the front page, but no K-Cups. With a few stock photos and a few hours, the new website could now pass the “Grunt Test!” That means now someone should be able to visit the website and in the time it takes to grunt, he or she could know what the company offers…

Lead Management and Email Marketing

Most business owners know how difficult it can be to manage leads that come in. That is why we implement a lead management application for our clients. We use one called SharpSpring and have come to really love the features it provides.

The way it works is this. A possible client visits Gary’s website and likes what they see. Some of them might call in or send an email. But many will fill out the contact us form. When they fill out the contact form, their information gets stored in the lead management application and an automated email gets sent saying “Thank you” we’ll be in touch soon. Remember, if marketing works well, then you might be too busy to respond to all the email in a timely manner. We want to be sure that every prospect is getting some response, even if you are too busy managing your company.

Take a Look at This

We wish this would always be the case for our clients. But note the dramatic increase in leads immediately after the updates were completed. But Gary says this is only about 1/2 of the leads he’s actually getting from the website.

Next Steps for Noltpak?

There is more to do on the Noltpak website, but one concern is getting too many leads! He’s already closed a few deals and there are other strong leads in the pipeline. Gary runs a small business and he realizes that if this pace continues, he will soon need more equipment to keep up.

We are certainly looking forward to seeing what will happen in the next year. Gary is one very happy cleint!