Our Mission:

Transforming small corners of the world through marketing.

Our Vision:

E-Impact Marketing was launched in 2015 with the aim of providing internet marketing plans to companies who want to grow online. We nurture long-term relationships by managing a client’s digital marketing so they can focus on running their business. We believe in marketing that works for the little guy, fair prices, generous wages (not get rich wages) and fair profit sharing. We believe everyone (clients and employees) should benefit generously from a company that succeeds.

While we continue pondering what this means, here are a few values guiding our approach.

  1. In Marketing:
    1. Our aim is to manage your online marketing, so you can do what you do best, run your business.
    2. We seek for honest and sincere marketing strategies that help people find what they need, not make them covet stuff they simply can’t afford.
    3. Stories speak to the heart and every business has a story to tell. We assist clients in telling their story online in a way others can identify and engage with it.
    4. God created a beautiful and complex world, but most of us enjoy this complexity in a very simple way. We aim for a marketing plan that meets the complex needs of each client but is also simple enough for customers to easily understand and navigate.
    5. We believe God has created people with emotions AND rationale. While marketing can speak to emotions, people should make buying decisions with both emotion and critical thought involved.
    6. We pray for our client’s success (Sorry Brian Dean) and ask God for wisdom and ability beyond our own.
  2. In Finances:
    1. We believe the Little Guy should be able to build an online marketing plan that works even if he has a small budget.
    2. We don’t think its right to charge high prices for our time even if it is in high demand. Our aim is to keep hourly rates lower in order to invest more time and offer more value.
    3. We Work with clients from month to month and year to year in order to understand their needs, their market and then assist in building quality marketing collateral.
    4. Marketing teams of two or three who work closely with a client to reach their goals online.
  3. In Relationships:
    1. Work and the marketplace should focus on more than the bottom line, relationships are the cornerstone of life and we believe they should be cultivated in the workplace.
    2. We aim to lower the Mountains and raise the valleys of the economic divide in the world (Luke 3:1-16).
      • Because of this we employ people with little or no experience in marketing and train them while offering a living wage with which they can support their families.
      • We aim to reduce the wage gap between the employee with the most experience and training (including owners) and the newest employee.
      • A portion of company profit is shared evenly among employees based on time investment.
    3. We look for ways to Invest company profits in other business ventures to provide other immigrants and refugees opportunities to support their families as well.
    4. We encourage employees who have an active and healthy lifestyle inside and outside the office.