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Chris Stoltzfus, the owner and founder of E-Impact Marketing spent many years working at Sheds Unlimited, the family owned business which was founded by his father Steve Stoltzfus Sr. When the economy slumped around 2008, Chris launched the company into the online marketing field. Slowly internet marketing became the sole marketing plan which enabled Sheds Unlimited to experience double digit growth even during the worst of the economic crunch. Today, Sheds Unlimited employs over 30 people and their most successful marketing continues to be based on internet marketing.

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This website includes hundreds of pages, is equipped with a discounted stock sheds area and produces tens of millions of dollars in quote requests and millions in sales each year.

The 2017 Rebuild of the Sheds Unlimited Website

When it came time to rebuild the Sheds Unlimited website, it looked like a HUGE task. We were a small team then and rebuilding a website that took ten years to build looked like a big task. There were many needs and many steps to get the website to a place where it saves time in the office. Some of the problems we were seeking to solve were:

  1. Answering questions before people came to the shed and website. With literally hundreds of phone calls a week, the sales team was constantly overwhelmed. We wanted to create an educational tool to answer people’s questions before they made the phone call.
  2. Bring in more qualified leads. Along with education, we were hoping to create a process that brought in leads who had spent a bit more time processing their needs and the options available at Sheds Unlimited.
  3. A way to bring pricing into the website from the CRM that was in use at the time. With the wide range of options on the Sheds Unlimited website, we wanted a way to quickly update all the prices based on their in house system.
  4. We wanted a system that would gather leads and then integrate email marketing to connect with the CRM. When a lead became dormant after a time, the email automation platform would then continue marketing to those leads. The aim was to close a higher percentage of leads.

Features of the new marketing plan include:

  1. Search Engine Optimization on the website
  2. Local SEO
  3. Lead Management Solutions
  4. Email marketing to leads and past customers
  5. Photography and Videography


Mark at Sheds Unlimited says this:

Working with E-Impact Marketing is a true pleasure. Their fresh insights and ideas are cutting edge which enables Sheds Unlimited to stay ahead of our competition.

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